Client Testimonials

After speaking to, and on the advice of my Dr, I began attending DNA Health Group, who are clinical Exercise Physiologists. I have found the instructors very efficient and most understanding of my various health issues and the goals I want to achieve. Kate, my instructor, is very caring and professional; I am being rewarded with my fitness following her advice and exercise program.Mary
My daughter and I set Danae a tough task; prepare Beth for a healthy pregnancy despite high blood pressure, and help me regain tone and fitness after major foot surgery and other injuries. Oh, and she had to work with both of us at the same time! She did it easily – with knowledge, enthusiasm and good humour. Our sessions are fun as well as hard work and we have both achieved our goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough, although I do not want my golf competitors to know anything about her. She is my secret!Karen
I started weekly sessions with Jess at DNA Health Group in early 2013 and couldn’t be happier with my progress… and my disappearing middle! I was a broken down 60, but Jess helped me manage injury recovery and improve my health with her expertise, enthusiasm and care. The team at DNA are a vibrant group and I continue to look forward to my weekly sessions.Mark
The Ultra Lite program worked for me. Not only did I lose weight and reach my goal weight, I have been educated on how to choose the balance of the food types and their portion sizes. I attribute a lot of my success to Danae’s excellent management of my program. She was thorough, friendly and constantly encouraging. I feel better than I have felt in years…Gerard
I welcome the opportunity to recommend Danae Bradley of DNA Health Group to anyone who needs help with their body. My problems stemmed from loss of balance following brain surgery for the removal of a tumour. The surgery however damaged both my hearing and balance nerves on my right side. After initial rehabilitation in 2001 and coping reasonably well for several years, by 2009 some friends noticed a progressive loss in my balance. I had become reluctant to undertake activities like running or dancing, or even walking in the dark, as maintaining my balance was heavily dependant on maintaining visual reference points. Danae’s initial assessment was very thorough, relevant and revealing in terms of the range of problems I had, which included unbalanced muscular development due to my following a poorly devised gym program. Over 2 months of weekly visits and following a program she progressively devised, I achieved a significant improvement in balance. By 4 months I had also lost 6 kilograms, achieved a significant improvement in my posture and experienced less pain in my knees and back. Danae is a keen observer and was able to detect underlying causes of several of my long standing problems. I have sought help from many therapists over many years (I am now 64 years) and the results I have achieved with Danae are clearly the most effective. At a recent party I found I was able to enjoy dancing again. I feel at least 20 years younger. It is a pity Danae cannot treat grey hair!Warwick

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