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It’s important for all people, including those with a disability, to find and complete a regular exercise routine suited to their needs. Although there are limitless proven benefits of regular physical activity, many Australians, including those with disability, are not getting enough exercise. Based on ABS 2019 data, nearly three-quarters (72%) of people aged 15 and over with a disability do not do enough physical activity for their age. Having a disability should never exclude an individual from accessing the benefits of living a physically active and fulfilling life.

Our exercise studio has been thoughtfully designed to cater for all ages, fitness levels, health and disability needs. We believe that exercise should be enjoyable, and our studio atmosphere is bright, clean, friendly and non-intimidating, allowing you to feel comfortable and have fun during your exercise sessions.

Our program offers many different treatment pathways that can be tailored depending on your needs & goals. We offer 1:1 and group exercise classes, specifically personalised to each individual. Can’t make it to the clinic? We also offer home visit & off-site consultations and Telehealth to allow our treatment to be more accessible to you.

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What are some of the benefits of exercise for disabled individuals?

  • Improve stamina and muscle strength – Exercise can assist with injury rehab & improving overall function.
  • Decrease risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and cancer, amongst many other conditions.
  • Improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, mood and promote feelings of wellbeing.
  • Exercising is a great way to try something different, meet people and become part of the community.
  • Improve ability to maintain a higher level of independence, sense of freedom and quality of life.
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Can I claim through my NDIS plan?

Speak to your Support Coordinator or Plan Manager about integrating Exercise Physiology into your plan. Exercise Physiology is able to be claimed under the “Capacity Building: Improved Health & Wellbeing and Improved Daily Living” section of NDIS plans.

How do I get started?

If you would like to start Exercise Physiology at DNA Health Group, or would simply like more information for yourself or a family member / friend, simply call us on (03) 9555 1221 or use our online booking button below.

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Using movement as medicine, our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are here to help you! To book your initial assessment, please use the link below.

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