Exercise Physiology

Our passion is Exercise Physiology, and our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) specialise in designing and delivering safe and effective exercise and healthy lifestyle behaviours for the prevention, management and treatment of a number of chronic health conditions, injuries, as well as improving your general health and quality of life.

Our Exercise Physiologists can help you:

  • Accelerate your recovery from pain and injury (such as lower back and knee pain)
  • Manage and improve a health or medical condition (such as cancer, diabetes or arthritis)
  • Reduce your risk of developing a health or medical condition (such as heart disease)
  • Improve your bone, joint and muscle health (especially important as you age)
  • Improve you balance and coordination (to reduce your likelihood of falls)
  • Improve your heart and lung health, and decrease your blood pressure
  • Decrease your weight and body fat levels (to improve all aspects of your health)
  • Improve your mental wellbeing (reduce stress, depression or anxiety)
  • Pregnancy conditioning (pre and post natal health and fitness)
  • Improve your sports performance / sports specific conditioning
  • Improve your core stability and posture

Your personalised program may consist of a combination of the following:

This is your starting point; we will sit down with you one on one and review your past and current medical and health history, establish your goals for Exercise Physiology treatment and devise a personalised plan of action to achieve your goals. Regular re-assessments will also be performed every 8 – 10 weeks (or as necessary) to monitor your progress and ensure you are achieving your goals.

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